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  • Crunktropolis Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge! Trending articles. Garloids. Crustacean God.

  • Welcome to the worst place to exist. Ancient scholars from before written history predicted the existence of an alternate timeline where God currently resides, and magic and senseless violence run rampant. However, they did not expect anything like this. The Crunktropolis Wiki Project was created in 1987 after the market crash, as a simulation to hopefully create perfect beings who could have more intelligence than ever before, and the ability to escape Crunkiverse #99 Omega. However, in 2010 wi

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  • His special move, Crunk, essentially means he has complete dominance over anything. He can wipe you off all 5 planes of existence. This power doesn't work on ...

  • Crunky is the defacto God of Everything, Creator of All, although he calls himself King Crunky. It is unknown where he came from, or why he created the Crunkiverses, but it is known that there is no being of higher power than his. He embodies everything "crunky" in nature. Currently, Crunky has not been seen or heard from since the Crunch, according to the Omnigods. Crunky does not usually take physical form, but the last known records in the Neochromicon state that he is of cataclysmic size, ma

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3. Crunktropolis - Bad Advice From Shady People | Scoundrel

Crunktropolis - Bad Advice From Shady People | Scoundrel

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  • Scoundrel "Crunktropolis (the Clovis instrumental dubsack remix)". SCOUNDREL. 180. 4:31.

  • Hailing from Ashelantis in the dirty south, Scoundrel began creeping onto the local scene with its scoundrely sound in January 2012. Scoundrel's mission is to keep your ass moving to the filthiest hyb

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5. Crunktropolis Crunk Garloid - Discover & Share GIFs - Tenor

Crunktropolis Crunk Garloid - Discover & Share GIFs - Tenor

6. Bad Advice From Shady People | Scoundrel

  • Bad Advice From Shady People by Scoundrel, released 20 April 2012 1. Sir Smokesalot 2. Snidley's Strut 3. Crunktropolis 4. Freaky Boots 5. Git Nekkid 6. Kitty

  • 6 track album

Bad Advice From Shady People | Scoundrel

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  • featuring vocals by Molly of Paper Tiger · SCOUNDREL.BANDCAMP.COM. Crunktropolis, by Scoundrel. from the album Bad Advice From Shady People. Molly Kummerle · 󰤥 ...

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  • 11 aug 2022 · Crunktropolis Garloid GIF · #crunktropolis #crunk #garloid · Sym Discord GIF. #sym #discord #caught #in · Karl Jacobs Edit GIF. #Karl-Jacobs ...

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