List of Peshawar Postal Codes  (2024)

Peshawar is located at the juncture of history and modernity It boasts a rich heritage intertwined with vibrant urban life. Its lively streets narrate stories of ancient civilisations while embracing contemporary dynamism. In today’s interconnected world, postal services play a pivotal role, and postal codes are at the core of this efficient system.

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The alphanumeric codes intricately facilitate mail delivery, ensuring seamless movement of messages and parcels across the city’s diverse neighbourhoods and beyond.

In this blog offers a comprehensive list of Peshawar postal codes, along with the significance and FAQs. Whether you’re a resident, an explorer, or intrigued by the city’s geographical divisions, this guide aims to simplify your comprehension of Peshawar’s postal landscape.

Why Do We Have Postal Codes?

List of Peshawar Postal Codes (1)

Postal codes streamline the process of sorting and delivering mail efficiently. They help postal services organise and route mail to the correct destinations more accurately. Here are the main reasons why postal codes are used:

  • Efficient Mail Sorting: Postal codes allow postal workers to quickly sort incoming mail based on geographic areas. It reduces the time and effort required to organise large volumes of mail, making the process more efficient.
  • Accurate Mail Delivery: By including a postal code on an address, senders ensure that their mail reaches the intended recipient without confusion or misdelivery. The accuracy is especially important for businesses, individuals, and institutions that rely on timely correspondence.
  • Location Identification: Postal codes provide a precise way to identify specific locations. They are often used for navigation and finding directions, both for physical addresses and online mapping services.
  • Optimised Delivery Routes: Postal codes help postal services plan optimal delivery routes. Routes can be organised based on clusters of nearby postal codes, saving time and fuel.
  • E-commerce and Online Shopping: In the world of e-commerce, accurate postal codes are crucial for online retailers to calculate shipping costs, estimate delivery times, and ensure successful delivery of purchased goods.
  • Emergency Services: Emergency response teams, such as ambulance services, fire departments, and police, use postal codes to quickly locate addresses during emergencies, ensuring swift and accurate responses.
  • Demographic Analysis: Postal codes can be used for demographic analysis, allowing businesses and organisations to understand consumer behaviour and preferences in specific geographic areas.
  • Urban Planning: Urban planners and government agencies use postal code data to make informed decisions about infrastructure development, city zoning, and resource allocation.

Table of Peshawar Postal Code


Postal Code


Badbher PAF Camp

Bara Fort



Daud Zai


Hayatabad Phase-I

Hayatabad Phase-II



Landi Arbab


Landi Kotal

Mashoo Khel




Musa Zai


Nasir Bagh


Pak Forest Institute Peshawar


Pakha Ghulam



Peshawar C.T. Training School

Peshawar Education Board


Peshawar GPO

Peshawar Industrial Estate


Peshawar Poly Technical College

Peshawar University



Sakhi Chashma


Sar Band



Tehkal Bala

Tehkal Payan


Warsak Colony

Yaka Toot


FAQs on Peshawar Postal Codes

The mostly asked question regarding postal codes related to Peshawar region is listed below.

What are postal codes?

Postal codes are numerical codes assigned to specific geographic areas to help in the efficient sorting and delivery of mail. They play a crucial role in the accurate and timely distribution of letters and parcels.

How do I find the postal code for a specific area in Peshawar?

You can find the postal code for a particular area in Peshawar by referring to official postal code lists, contacting your local post office, or searching online postal code directories.

Are Peshawar postal codes unique for each area?

Yes, each area in Peshawar is assigned a unique postal code. It helps postal workers accurately route mail to its intended destination.

Why are postal codes important?

Postal codes are essential for efficient mail sorting and delivery. They ensure that mail reaches the correct location, making the process faster and more accurate.

Can I use a postal code for navigation purposes?

Yes, you can use a postal code for navigation purposes. Many navigation and mapping apps allow you to enter a postal code to get directions to a specific location.

Can postal codes change over time?

Yes, postal codes can change due to urban development, changes in administrative divisions, or other factors. It’s recommended to check for updated postal code information periodically.

How do postal codes impact e-commerce and online shopping?

In e-commerce, accurate postal codes are crucial for shipping and delivery. Online retailers use postal codes to calculate shipping costs, estimate delivery times, and ensure successful order delivery.

Can I use a Peshawar postal code for emergency services?

Emergency services use postal codes to locate addresses quickly during emergencies, ensuring swift and accurate responses from medical, fire, and police teams.

What should I do if I use the wrong postal code on my mail?

Using the wrong postal code may lead to delays or misdelivery of your mail. Double-check the postal code to ensure accurate delivery.

Can businesses use postal codes for marketing purposes?

Yes, businesses often use postal codes for targeted marketing campaigns and to analyse customer demographics in specific areas.

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List of Peshawar Postal Codes  (2024)
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