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Outposts in Starfield allow you to set up a permanent base on a planet's surface. At an outpost, you can construct a variety of buildings that enable you to mine resources, run manufacturing operations, build a hydroponics station, or simply store your collection of fetching wooden ducks.

Setting Up Outposts

To set up an outpost, use your scanner while on a planet and construct an Outpost Beacon by pressing [H] on keyboard or [X] on controller.


Initially, you can have up to 8 outposts active at once. You can add more by investing points into the Planetary Habitation skill tree.

Outpost Construction

Setting up an Outpost for the first time? Take a look at First Outpost Tips.

Once the beacon has been placed, you’ll be in Build Mode. You can switch between Build Mode and Modify mode at any time.

In Build Mode, you can construct a range of structures within the boundaries of the beacon. You can enter a flycam mode for a top-down view of your outpost.

In Modify mode, you can move or delete objects. Deleting objects refunds their resource cost in full. You can also change the color of some objects in Modify mode, and set up wires between powered items.

You can also enter Clear mode, which maps out an area to clear of obstacles, allowing you to build freely without obstruction.

Outpost Buildings

You’ll need a source of power - a Solar Array, Wind Turbine, or Fueled Generator - in order to run extractors, turrets, and lights. The power source will attempt to run all powered items wirelessly, but if you want to ensure specific structures are powered, you can select the power source or structure and select Wire, then run a wire between the two structures.

To set up an indoor environment, you will first need to construct an Outpost Airlock (2 Lead, 3 Sealant, 3 Aluminum) which you can connect to Hab modules to build out your base.

Some buildings and objects have variants available to build. These variants are represented by a number beneath the preview image of the structure.


Cycle through variants to choose different versions of the same type of item.

While many of these variants are cosmetic changes, several of them are functionally different and require different materials to construct. Notably, swapping through the varieties of Fabricators enables you to produce different materials.

Wondering how to add windows to your outpost building? From inside the hab, you can highlight the wall and cycle through wall options to switch to a wall with a window built in.

How to Assign Crew to Outposts

You’ll need to build a Crew Station at an outpost to assign crew and companions in Starfield. Once built, open your crew menu and select the crew member or companion you’d like to assign. You’ll be able to see the available Outposts and the free slots it has, and then choose the Outpost to assign the crew member to.

Assigning a crew member with Outpost Management or Outpost Engineering allows you to access the benefits of that skill tree at that specific outpost without needing to invest points into it yourself.

How to Delete Outposts

Ready to move on and set up elsewhere? Highlight the Outpost Beacon and press [R] on PC or [X] on controller to delete the outpost and all objects associated with it, refunding their cost in full.

Outpost Cargo Links

Cargo Links allow you to transfer materials from one Outpost to another. Using Cargo Links, you can send materials from off-world to your manufacturing hub to produce a variety of items to sell or use.

To set up a Cargo Link, you must construct a Cargo Link in both of the Outposts you wish to link together. Unless you have Outpost Management, there's a limit of 3 Cargo Links set up per Outpost. You'll need to set up a new Cargo Link at your main Outpost whenever you want to send materials from a new Outpost.

If you want to send materials between star systems, you'll need an Interstellar Cargo Link.


Outpost Skills

If you want to dig deep into Outpost construction, you’ll need to commit plenty of skill points in order to unlock everything available, or ensure you have crew with these skills stationed at your Outposts. Here are all the relevant skills that affect Outposts.


Outpost Management

  • Rank 1 allows you to place additional cargo links.
  • Rank 2 allows you to construct additional robots at outposts.
  • Rank 3 allows you to assign additional crew at outposts.
  • Rank 4 makes outpost extractors produce twice as fast.



  • Rank 1 of Botany allows some plants to be cultivated at your outposts.


  • Rank 1 of Zoology allows you to produce animal resources at your outposts.

Outpost Engineering

  • Rank 1 of Outpost Engineering allows you to instruct improved outpost modules and research additional modules at a Research Lab.
  • Rank 2 allows you to research and construct superior outpost modules.
  • Rank 3 allows you to research and construct cutting edge outpost modules.
  • Rank 4 means outpost modules cost 50% less to build.


Planetary Habitation

  • Rank 1 of Planetary Habitation allows you to build outposts on planets with extreme temperatures - Deep Freeze and Inferno - and increases the max outposts you can build by 4.
  • Rank 2 allows you to build on planets with extreme pressure, and increases the max outposts you can build by 4.
  • Rank 3 allows you to build outposts on planets with toxic or corrosive atmospheres. Increases the max outposts you can build by 12.
  • Rank 4 allows you to build them on planets with extreme gravity, and increases the max by 16.

Special Projects

  • Rank 4 of Special Projects gives outpost extractors a chance to produce additional resources.

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