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Sneak, explore, play, save the park


Updated by Jupiter Hadley on October 25th, 2023. Original article by Colin Mieczkowski.

Sneaky Sasquatch is one of those adventure games where you never really know what you'll discover each time you play. You take on the role of a friendly, yet mischievous sasquatch who sneaks around a state park, hoping to score some good meals. Your grub can come from coolers, grills refrigerators, and even trash cans.

However, it's not as easy as you think. You need to snatch the food before the campers see you. And if they spot you, then the rangers will blow their whistles and charge after you. If the rangers catch you, then they'll send you back home with a cute little warning.

It's more than just taking food though. A big businessman has come to turn the park into homes and condos and the only way the rangers can save the park is by coughing up a handsome sum of money, which they don't have. as you play Sneaky Sasquatch, you will need to assemble a map that locates a buried treasure. All of the pieces of the map are scattered about the park and it's up to you to gather them.

There are many places to explore and several activities to participate in. They're all fun to play and can benefit you in the long haul. Sneaky Sasquatch is full of a variety of things to do, so we'll share with you some tips to take advantage of during your adventures.

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Grab as much food as possible

Sneaky Sasquatch: Hints & Tips to help you master life at the park (2)

Yes, this sounds funny, but it is important. The game allows you to hoard as much food as your screen can fit. I say this because in order to eat, you need to be at a table where you can dump out your food from your backpack and start chowing down until your pie-shaped meter is filled up.

By having as much food as possible, you will not have to worry about starving yourself. This is also an excellent way to bank some coins. If you have a ton of leftovers left but you need some money, you can sell your food to the friendly bear who lives by your house.

He will pay you based on the kinds of food you have and will add it to your total. There are other great ways to get coins too, and this is something we'll dive into in our next tip.

Earn coins and reap the rewards

Sneaky Sasquatch: Hints & Tips to help you master life at the park (3)

There's an old saying: "Money makes money" and that concept is quite true in Sneaky Sasquatch. There are a ton of ways to earn some money in the game which will let you pay for different things. These currencies are in the form of coins. The best way to get paid when you start out is by selling your food to the bear as we mentioned in the previous tip.

Once you've mustered enough money from your fellow furry friend, you can go see your other good friend, the raccoon in his shop. He, of course, is the one the taught you about the art of sneaking at the beginning of the game. His shop has numerous items that will allow you to participate in activities.

These include golf, racing, and skiing among other things. Once you have the money, you can pay for things that can gain you access to events. For example: if you purchase a golf club and outfit for Sasquatch, you will have access to play in a tournament. If you win, you'll get some cold hard cash.

See where this is going? Make money, buy an item, make even more money. Also, if you get a fishing pole, you can go catch some fish. Sell them to the bear or the fisherman to earn a good chunk of coins. Oh, and with more money, you can renovate your house and give it some sweet upgrades. So earn and save up if you can.

Be thorough and curious when exploring

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The world in Sneaky Sasquatch is bigger than you think and it is essentially begging you to give it some deep exploration. It's easy to bypass little things if you don't keep your eyes peeled. One thing that really can be missed is the mini-buried treasures that are scattered around the map.

This will require you to buy a shovel (for only 50 coins) and you'll be ready to dig. If you spot some dirt lumps on the ground, then this is likely a digging spot. The rewards vary in size, but they will always be coins (hoorah for free coins). Sometimes it will be a small amount and sometimes a larger sum so you never know what you'll score.

Better yet, there are several red boxes hidden in the park that are filled with gold. If you find one, you'll be licking your chops you see many sacks of coins for the taking. These can be found by participating in free roam challenges or simply by exploring. But finding one of these babies is one of the more satisfying feelings in the game.

You also may discover some fun little challenges along the way. The mischievous fox could come out at any moment and ask you to take care of some business for him. And yes, he too will toss some coins your way too. So as you explore the lovely world of the game, definitely make sure to pay close attention to your surroundings. Oh, and be on the look for caves too.

Dress the part

Sneaky Sasquatch: Hints & Tips to help you master life at the park (5)

This one is pretty easy and is one that we sort of alluded to earlier. By wearing the proper attire, you'll have access to everything that the part offers. If you're just walking around as your regular, furry self, then you'll send everyone into a panic, causing the rangers to come after you.

By grabbing a camper outfit, your fellow campfire gatherers will ignore you and think you're one of them. It will make things much easier when you go hunting for food. Having outfits also gives you the chance to participate in bigger events.

There are normally three tiers of tournaments and each has its own amount of pay. Having the full attire and required equipment will grant you access to the higher-paying events so this is most certainly an advantageous opportunity to score some nice coin rewards. Dress to impress as they say, and I have no doubt you'll impress.

Pay Attention to the Sun

Sneaky Sasquatch: Hints & Tips to help you master life at the park (6)

Despite being a sasquatch, you do need to eat and sleep. Eating we have already covered, but sleeping is another big part of the game. As you run around exploring and stealing food, you will see that the sun goes down, making the game less bright. Over time, you will find your sasquatch starts to produce little Z's from their face, clearly falling asleep.

Falling asleep instead of going to your home won't kill you or anything, and instead your Raccoon friend will take you back to your home, however, he will take a bunch of your coins as a rescue fee. This can all be avoided if you just pay attention to the sun and make your way home before it becomes too dark. After all, stealing in the shield of darkness might be tempting, but too much darkness and you cannot see anything at all anyway.

Get a vehicle

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Each day is limited in time, due to the sun going down. Instead of walking everywhere, you should consider investing in (or stealing) some sort of vehicle. There are lots of options scattered around the game; bikes, golf carts, etc. Some cost coins to unlock, others need you to purchase a key from the raccoon shop, but quite a few are free.

Once you have a vehicle, you are able to completely exit the campsite without the struggle of being caught by any of the rangers. Vehicles really help you explore more of the map per day, which can help you get more food and more money!

Find Quests

Sneaky Sasquatch: Hints & Tips to help you master life at the park (8)

There are tons of different Quests throughout the map, which can be found by seeing the "!" sign above a creature's head. These creatures then want you to do a specific task. Make sure that you say yes to quests that won't take up much time and that you can easily do. If you are dressed like campers, and need to help the goose get their hat back, that's a pretty easy task to finish, whereas if you don't have the clothing, it can take up too much of your time.

Consider which quest you can easily do and what is worth doing, as these extra coins are not only useful but fun to earn as well.


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Sneaky Sasquatch: Hints & Tips to help you master life at the park (2024)
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