Welcome to our online cigarettes shop

Hey folks – Welcome to our new website!

We are team of people who are super passionate about cigarettes smoking, as a choice of life, as a privilege and pleasurable moment we can enjoy by our self or with fellow smokers day in and day out. Providing cigarettes online is just one of the ways that we fulfill our passion. Through this online cigarettes shop, we aim to assist and provide the best quality of cigarettes love by many smokers all over the worlds, spread the pleasure of smoking to all people who feel the same passion as us.

We’ve been selling offline for many years, we carry many popular top notch Indonesian’s brands of cigarettes and we are very excited to get our cigarettes shop online so people can buy cheap cigarettes. It is not all has been perfect, we have a lot of cool plans and stuffs to be rolling out but we are doing it piece by piece so that we can test, be comfortable with it, see what people like or dislike and hopefully get some feedback to improve a long the way.

We are working hard to make our online cigarettes shop a better experience for you and we welcome any feedback along the way.

If you run into any problems, please let us know. We are here to help.


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